Why study at Huang Hua Chen Tai Chi Academy?

Study under Master Henry Huang; an enthusiastic and well qualified teacher of Tai Chi.

· Henry has a strong lineage. He is the 12th generation of Chen Tai Chi. As the favored student of Grand Master Wang Xian – the most renowned master in China – Henry has direct experience of the highest level of Tai Chi.

· National and International Champion

· Henry has learned not only in Tai Chi but Chinese philosophy. This means his teaching gives you a deep understanding of the principles such as; Tao, Yin-Yang and Qi.

· Henry has been teaching martial arts for over 20 years. This experience has enabled Henry to perfect a clear teaching style which adapts to meet the needs of each student.

· Henry’s fluency in English makes him the ideal teacher for a range of students.

The clear yet flexible structure of our lessons ensures you get the most out of your experience with us.

We can provide clean accommodation and fresh food at our academy.

· This is conveniently located at our academy. It provides an opportunity for you to get to know other students and practice Tai Chi.

· Inclusive in our accommodation is air conditioning and free Wifi. Some rooms even have TV!

· Here you can experience authentic Chinese cooking from a range of fresh produce.

The idyllic setting of Yangshuo provides the perfect ambiance to study Tai Chi.

· The Academy is merely a 20 minute walk from the bustling backpacker town of Yangshuo.

· Our training studio looks onto beautiful Karst Mountains, and the Dragon River. This helps you feel perfectly at harmony with nature whilst practicing Tai Chi.

· Lonely Planet states how; “Pedaling across the rice fields through Yangshuo’s souring limestone peaks is often the top experience of travellers in China…..The activities and day trips fro, here could easily fill up a month or more.”

Here we take personal care over the welfare each student.

· We provide help getting to Yangshuo and free pick up from Yangshuo’s centre.

· We will support you in organizing trips to other regions.

· After you have completed your stay we are always pleased to hear from; and support our past students.

All of this is provided at an affordable price!

Here you are provided with the opportunity not only to experience Tai Chi but traditional Chinese life.