Tai Chi Teacher Trianing Program in Yangshuo China

Our  Teacher  Training  Program

6 Months     &     12 Months  

is a complete package and include:

The best quality tai chi and mindfulness tao

meditation instruction.

20 hours intensive training in a week.

Outdoor activities including hiking, biking, rafting ,

climing and simply relax in nature.

3 meals included from Monday to Friday.

Comfortable accommodation

English and Chinese speaking masters.

Internet Access & Air Conditioning

Certificate Of Training

Training Weapons & Recreation Facilities

Outdoor Training & Indoor Training

Drink Water &  Hot Water

Laundry Room & Local tour service

Tea ceremony & Optional vegetarian cooking classes.

All within a friendly relaxed warm and welcoming environment.

In one of the most beautiful and spectacular

landscapes in China.  

Tai Chi Teacher Training Program Start Dates  in 2018:

  5 March         3 Sptember   





“Experienced 6 months here, learned more than 10 years in my country.” 

“Best place to learn Tai Chi” By Leo

It was an honour to share this wonderful experience with all of you through the openness of a very special Chinese person who make me believe that everything is possible. Thank you Henry.Thank you Master Sifu. By Dominic

6 months

In this program you will learn:

The Theory and Philosophy:

– The history of Tai Chi and Tai Chi Chuan

– The philosophy of Tai Chi and Tai Chi Chuan

– The Daily life in accordance with Tai Chi Philosophy

– The Ying and Yang philosophy

– The Principles of Tai Chi

– How to practice Qi Gong exercises

– Chinese Culture


Tai Chi Forms training step by step:

– Inner Peace 8 Form

– Harmony 21 Form

– Chen Tai Chi 74 Form


Basic training:

– Tai Chi Warm up and Foundation

– Tai Chi Qi Gong

– Tai Chi silk reeling

– Tai Chi meditation (Stand and Walk)

– The Eight basic movements

– Basic push hands application

– The application of Inner Peace 8 Form

– The application of Harmony 21 Form

– The application of Chen Tai Chi 74 Form

– How to avoid injury during teaching and practice

– The principles fundamentals of Tai Chi practice

12 months 

 In this program you will learn:

 The Theory and Philosophy:

  – The history of Tai Chi and Tai Chi Chuan

  – The philosophy of Tai Chi and Tai Chi Chuan

  – The Daily life in accordance with Tai Chi Philosophy

  – The Ying and Yang philosophy

  – The Principles of Tai Chi

  – How to practice Qi Gong exercises

  – Chinese Culture


Tai Chi Forms training step by step:

  – Inner Peace 8 Form

  – Harmony 21 Form

  – Chen Tai Chi 74 Form

 – Chen Tai Chi Lao Jia Er Lu  Cannon Fist 43 Form

 – Chen Tai Chi Sword 49 Form


Basic training:

  – Tai Chi Warm up and Foundation

  – Tai Chi Qi Gong

  – Tai Chi silk reeling

  – Tai Chi meditation (Stand and Walk)

  – The Eight basic movements

  – push hands application

  – The application of Inner Peace 8 Form

  – The application of Harmony 21 Form

 – The application of Chen Tai Chi 74 Form

 – The application of Chen Tai Chi Lao jia er lu 43 Form

 – The application of Chen Tai Chi sword 49 Form

 – How to avoid injury during teaching and practice

 – The principles fundamentals of Tai Chi practice

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